By The Body Of The Earth or the Sannyasi


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A perpetual story which unfolds itself in three cycles or three lives, three islands which are situated in India, Egypt and frozen lakes of Norway. And the character, Nil, always in quest of something else has given up the garb of the world for that of a mendicant Sannyasi, and who discovers a vaster, cosmic consciousness, new perceptions, to realize finally that he had perhaps gained the freedom of the heights, but lost the earth.

And each time, from life to life, he meets again with the same circumstances, but aggravated as it were, the same actors, and an eternal beloved Mohini. This long cyclic voyage led him towards an impossible central point, a same knot of Destiny where man is forced to choose between a catastrophe once again or his emergence onto another level of consciousness.

Until the day when, in the depths of night, in front of the pyre of his beloved, Nil discovers the something else, the puissant light of the next cycle, having at last understood that freedom was not necessarily to be found on the heights out of the world and that we were the sons of heaven “By the body of the Earth”.

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