Evolution II


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After Darwin, we cannot imagine a new species other than as an “improvement” of ours, with the hope that it will be less destructive. But there is no possible new species nor any future for the Earth unless we go to the physical root of that which causes the Destruction—of everything: men and beasts, for billions of years. And there is but one possible way to go in Search of that first terrestrial grave, that is to plunge into one’s own body, into these cells and atoms, and to cut through that “something which causes death,” while remaining alive. Then one becomes aware of what it is and of what is there, without microscope or anesthesia. One becomes aware that it is possible to cut through the great Destroyer, that “Death devouring its creatures,” and destroy it. At the end of this fabulous exploration, this perilous adventure, on the other side of this primeval Wall of Death, in these very cells and this very body, one discovers a new kind of life, a new kind of air, another physical way of breathing such as there has never been since the first pulmonary system and the first amphibian 400 million years ago-the secret of our old, mortal evolution and the door onto a new creation on Earth. Evolution II.

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