The Human Cycle – The Ideal of Human Unity – War and Self-Determination


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This volume comprises three works by Sri Aurobindo on social and political philosophy.
In The Human Cycle he explores the evolution of human society from a psychological perspective and traces its growth through five distinct psychological phases. The outcome of the last stage will be a spiritual age in which not only individuals but society itself will be spiritualised.

In The Ideal of Human Unity he studies the trend of mankind towards a closer unification through a review of past efforts by the Greeks, Romans, and others as well as more recent attempts by some modern nations – Russia, China, the United States of America, and the European countries. While a political unity can be constructed through administrative means, the unity of the human race can only be made real if the highest shared ideal of humanity spiritualises itself and becomes the inner law of life.

In War and Self-DeterminationSri Aurobindo looks at the problems arising out of the First World War, the obstacles to the elimination of war and violent revolution, the principle of self-determination for individuals and nations, the failings of the League of Nations, and the forces of American capitalism and Russian communism.

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