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Swami Prabhananda

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All the great personages of the past, who have left an indelible mark on the trail of events in the history of mankind, become a centre around which gathers, with the passage of time, a mass of legends and myths. These, more often than not, are later assumed to be facts that cannot be verified. The historicity of many of these legends begins to be questioned then, be they related to the life of a Christ, a Buddha or a Moses. Sri Ramakrishna, the latest in the line of these Great Masters, is an exception to this historical dilemma, as he appeared just a century ago. Even today researches succeed in discovering hitherto unknown truths about him, and these can be easily verified. The author of this book has brought to light some fresh findings on Sri Ramakrishna that will be extremely interesting for all his devotees and admirers.


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