The Real Awakener – The Light of Lights (Combo)


The Real Awakener – The Light of Lights – 35 & 36   (Combo of 2 books)

1) 21st February, 2024 issue

2) 24th April, 2024 issue

A Quarterly Magazine — RNI NO. RAJENG/2002/09480
Publisher: The Resurgent India Trust


Contents – 21st February, 2024 issue

Selections from the Hymns to the Mystic Fire (CWSA 16) and Isha Upanishad (CWSA 17)

1. Agni, the Lord of Fire
2. The Bhrigus in the Veda
3. Agni Shines even in the Night
4. The Portion of Each Great God in the Yajna
5. The Action of the Divine Force in Our Being
6. The Working of the Normal Human and the Purified Mentality
7. The Essential Nature of Agni’s Manifestation
8. The Action of the Divine Force and the Law of Our Perfection
9. The Middle Worlds
10. Knowledge and Action – Human and Divine
11. Vijnana and the Action of the Four Higher Faculties in Human Mind
12. How the Four Faculties in Vijnana Gets Translated in Human Mind and the Supreme Importance of Viveka in Evolution
13. The Supreme Importance of the WORD in the Vedic Idea of Creation and the Process of Creation
14. The Creative Power of Human Mind and Speech
15. The Evolution of Knowledge in Man from the Mental or Sensational to the Ideal Type
16. Agni in the Esoteric Sense of the Veda
17. Isha Upanishad
18. Plan of the Upanishad
19. The Inhabiting Godhead : Life and Action (Verses 1-3)
20. Oneness of God and the World (Verses 4-5)
21. Self Realisation (Verses 6-7)

Contents –  24th April, 2024 issue

Selections from the Isha Upanishad (CWSA 17)

1. The Law and the Process of Things
2. Vidya and Avidya
3. The Extreme Paths
4. The Complete Path – The Integral Approach to the Divine Reality
5. Mortality and Immortality
6. The Perfect Way
7. The Birth and the Non-Birth – The Justification of Life
8. The Worlds – Surya (Verses 15-16)
9. Action and the Divine Will (Verses 17-18)
10.The Principle of the Upanishad
11.The Opposites


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