The True Aim of Life – 2


Compiled from the writings of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother

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The compilation covers in essence how one may be carried on the way to the realisation of the True Aim of Life.


Some excerpts:

“Our aim must be to be perfect as God in His being and bliss is perfect, pure as He is pure, blissful as He is blissful, and, when we are ourselves siddha in the purna Yoga, to bring all mankind to the same divine perfection. …our unvarying aim must be to perform the whole journey and not lie down content in any wayside stage or imperfect resting place.”

 “…when you are on the path, do not ever leave it.Wait a little, you can hesitate as long as you want before taking it; but the minute you set your foot on it, it is finished, don’t leave it. Because this has consequences which can even extend to several lives. It is something very serious. That is why, besides, I never push anyone to enter the path of Yoga.”

“I know by experience that there isn’t one being who, were it only once in his life, has had a great urge towards…it doesn’t matter what he calls it — let us say the Divine for facility of speech, who is not sure to arrive; …He will have to struggle more or less, will have more or less difficulty, but he is sure to succeed one day. It’s a soul that has been chosen, it has become conscious because its hour has come — once the hour has come, well, the result will follow more or less quickly. You can do this in a few months; you can do it in some years; you can do it in some lives — but you will do it.”

“The ideal of the yoga is that all should be centred in and around the Divine and the life of the sadhaks must be founded on that firm foundation, their personal relations also should have the Divine for their centre.”

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