A Focused Journey Through Sri Aurobindo’s Savitri


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To all of us who have bathed in the Grace radiating from the lotus feet of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, their writings have been a great source of all that was needed to walk on the Way. This is especially true of SAVITRI which is Sri Aurobindo’s magnum opus and about which the Mother has said, “He has crammed the whole universe in a single book”. Evidently, the reading of SAVITRI is no simple task. It represents a journey into the unknown and a supreme approach to the Unknowable. The present book of extensive selections – covering all the Cantos and running into about half the length of the original – attempts to mark the Way with some useful signposts, making SAVITRI more accessible to the wayfarer along the path.

It is hoped that spiritual seekers will find some help in approaching what may seem, at the outset, incomprehensible or at least daunting in SAVITRI.

The work is dedicated to the lotus feet of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.

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